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1. Registration

When registering, you must enter your login, email address and password in to registration form. It is also necessary to agree to the Terms of use.

2. Bonus

After registration, each participant receives a bonus of $10 on their balance in their personal account. This bonus is awarded for familiarization with the project and the understanding of its operating principles. The bonus cannot be withdrawn. After use, it does not return to the balance. The profit earned through the use of bonus funds can be withdrawn according to the withdraw rules. Also, at the discretion of the project administration, the bonus account can be restored or increased by any amount based on the results of the shares and bonuses.
Without making a deposit and only for getting know the principles of the project, only the first payment can be taken out of the bonus account. The remaining payments will be available only after making a deposit into the project.

3. Deposit of funds.

The deposit of funds into the project is carried out by transferring through electronic payment systems to electronic purses and cards of systems with which the project cooperates. After you deposit the funds, the balance in your account is increased by a similar amount.

4. Entry in the “Ten” and payment for participation

To participate in the group of ten, you need to click on the “join” button of the group that you want to join. Your application will be accepted if there are funds on the balance covering the value of the tens you want to join. After the system accepts the application, the amount equal to the nominal value of tens will be reserved on the account. This amount cannot be displayed until the end of the cycle. A group is created automatically when ten participants, who decided to enter this value, are selected. After 10 full days the “ten” stops its work and dissolves.

5. Profit Accrual

Profit is calculated every 24 hours. The first profit - a day after the start of the cycle. In total there are 10 accruals of profit. After 10 days, the contribution made to the top ten is returned to the balance and is available for withdrawal at any time, in accordance with the withdrawal conditions. After the return of contributions to all participants of the “ten”, the group is disbanded.

6. Withdrawal of Funds

In order to ensure safety, the funds can be withdrawn only through the payment system/wallet from which they were deposited. The profit from the bonus account and the partner reward is displayed on any payment system or card, which can be added in the settings of your account. You can withdraw funds at any time. The sum, which is over 0.1 can be withdrawn. The output is in the manual mode and can take up to 48 hours. If it is necessary to check the payment by the security service, this period can be increased up to 72 working hours.

7. The number of accounts

Taking into account the level of penetration of Internet into the general population, the project allows for two accounts on the same IP, but not intersecting with referral links. Accounts registered with violation of this rule are subject to blocking. All arisen issues are resolved by arbitration, which you can contact on the "contacts" page.

8. My account

In your personal account you can deposit funds, withdraw, apply for entry into the “Ten”, view the structure, make a selection.

9. The affiliate program

A reward is provided for the involvement of partners, which is 3.33% of the participant’s contribution. The size of the fee can be doubled, up to 6.66% if there are more than 100 partners at the time of accrual. And if there are more than 200 partners at the time of the accrual, the bonus will be increased to 10%. Referral reward is withdrawn according to the general rule of withdrawal of funds.


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