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George Douglas is the founder of the company. At the time of the establishment, he held presentable positions (as an analyst and stock trader) in the number of companies involved in finance. The realization of his strength and talent to deal with trading independently, came to him in the late 2011. A year later, in 2012, he became the founder and director of OPENINVESTMENTS. This company was engaged in active trading on the stock exchange markets. These sales were the main income at the initial stage of development. Over time, George began to involve more and more employees, true specialists in the stock market.

For 5 years, George’s team has been developing new and perspective trade methods and techniques, creating advanced indicators and unique trade robots. However, the core of the company were not the robots, it was a group of true professionals, in the number of ten people. They could:

• within minutes, come to a common decision, which enriched the company. Huge responsibility was laid on the specialist’s shoulders, for the adoption of such decisions;
• make transactions without anyone’s help, occasionally using robots, where they exposed risk limitations and received trading signals.

The robots themselves are capable of:

• conducting about a thousand transactions in a few seconds;
• generating high returns from each transaction;
• identifying the risks themselves.

It is not hard to imagine what kind of money you can have without any special efforts. You almost do nothing and receive a passive income 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and do not take risks at the same time!

OVERINVESTMENTS did not want to stand still and already in 2017, it was decided to invite new investors to work using a well-established scheme. As a result of this, on the 25th August 2017, a new organization, OPENINVESTMENTS INC. LTD, was originated.

The formation of the short-term investments began, the length of which was only 10 days, consisting of 10 participants in each. The analytical department deals with the selection of the instrument, the assessment of the state for a ten-day perspective, and enters the paper with invested funds. Since then and up to date, the analysis and monitoring of the stable operation of the program is carried out every second in the real time!

OPENINVESTMENTS is a reliable system of passive earnings! Change your life for the better!



27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX



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