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1. Registration.

What details do I need to disclose to register?

We do not collect personal data. In order to access our program, you just need to come up with a username and password. For the contact purposes, leave an email address. This is all that is required from you.

2. Bonus

What do I get a bonus for?

The bonus is given to you for the registration in the project. Once registered, a $10 bonus is granted. In order to receive it, you do not need to deposit money to the project. The bonus is given solely for the purpose of your understanding on how the project works.

How to use the bonus?

Bonus money can be invested in the current tariff. All interest that the investor earns from the use of bonus funds can be withdrawn. The bonus itself cannot be withdrawn. If for some reason the administration once again accrues you a bonus, it can be used according to the same scheme.

3. Deposit of funds.

How can I deposit funds in the project?

You can add funds to your balance in any way provided by the program. It can be either electronic money or deposit through payment cards.

4. Entry into the program and payment of participation.

Why do I have to wait for a while before accepting a deposit?

Under the rules of joint short-term investments, it is necessary that the number of participants for this tariff is 10 people. If the required number of participants is not reached within 24 hours, the reserved amount is returned to the balance and can be either withdrawn or used for investment again.

How can I increase my profit?

After passing 10 cycles in every kind of ten, the profit for the further cycles of this kind will increase by 10% and will make 20% of the cycle contribution. After passing 20 cycles, the profit will increases by 10% and will make 30 % of the cycle of every ten kind. While more than one ten can be created in every kind, only one, working ten will be considered for profit increase, i.e. you can create multiple contributions during a 10-day fulfilment cycle of the contribution which is considered for profit increase, though these multiple contributions will not be considered for increase of profit. Once a new profitability level is reached, all newly created contributions will be considered for your new profit.

What are the accelerators?

According to the rules of the program, your daily profit can be increased by 2 and even 3 times after passing 10 and 20 cycles, respectively. But for those who do not like to wait, our project kindly provides an opportunity to receive increased profits at any time, at the request of the investor. To do this, you need to pay for the services of the accelerator. If you want to increase the nominal profit by 2 times, it is necessary to pay for the accelerator services in the amount of 50% of the cost of the chosen name (tariff plan). To increase profits by 3 times, you need to pay 100% of the cost of the chosen name (TP). If you want to change one accelerator for another, more profitable one you should simply pay the difference of their prices. Each the chosen name (TP) uses its own accelerator.

How to buy accelerator to start getting increased profit at once?

The accelerator covers only the contributions which were created after accelerator purchase. The accelerator does not affect the existing contributions.

Can I agree with the Administration of the project on the individual investment conditions that are beneficial for both of us?

No. We are a public company and all the investment conditions provided by our organization are published here, on our corporate resource.

5. Profit calculation.

How often and in what amount is the profit accrued?

The profit is accrued every 24 hours after the acceptance of the contribution to the work (based on the results of a group of ten willing to invest in this cycle (tariff plan))

When will my contribution be back to the project?

The investment is returned to the balance 10 days after it is accepted into work.

6. Withdrawal of funds.

Where and how you can withdraw the earned profit.

Earned funds can be withdrawn immediately after they are credited to the balance. The earned funds are deduced exclusively on that payment system or card with which they were deposited.

How quickly can I make a profit?

You can choose to withdraw the profit immediately after it hits the user’s balance. In order to ensure security of the transactions, the profit withdrawal process is conducted manually by the Administration. The withdrawal time can reach 48 hours.

How to withdraw the affiliate reward?

Affiliate rewards are withdrawn to any wallet, registered in your account.

How to withdraw the profit from the bonus?

The profit from the bonus can be withdrawn to any wallet, registered in your account.

7. Number of accounts.

How many accounts can I register?

It is assumed that only one account from one user can be registered in the project. There is an automatic IP check in the project. It is possible to register two users from the same IP, not overlapping in the project.

Can my accounts be blocked?

Yes. Having multiple accounts is prohibited in the project. If you find users who have more than one account in this program, all their accounts will be blocked. Without the possibility of unlocking.

8. Personal account.

How can I pay taxes on profits?

We are not tax agents due to the fact that not all investors are from the same tax area. Each user of the project who withdraws profit from it must pay all necessary taxes, at the rates of his country of residence.

How safe is our service?

Our security service has the absolute control over the safety of the project itself, as well as of the User’s data.

What are the guarantees that you will keep your promises?

The financial world is flexible and not stable. At any moment, anything can happen. From Brexit to the possibility of conflict on the Korean peninsula. We are absolutely confident in our business model, which has been operating for more than five years. Yes, there were drawdowns. But, that's why, we created a project for short-term investments with a call into that paper, which in a 10 days perspective will give a definite plus.

9. Affiliate program.

Do I need to have a contribution to participate in affiliate program?

No, you don't have to at all. You can use affiliate program without making any investments into the project.

How is the reward for attracting an affiliate to the project accrued?

Basic reward is 3.33%. It can be increased both in two, and in three times. The first step to doubling is the presence of one hundred partners who have an active contribution at the time of the accrual, or a positive balance in the project, which is at least the chosen name (TP), namely $10. The second step is the presence of two hundred partners who have an active deposit at the moment of the accrual, or a positive balance in the project, which is at least a chosen name (TP), namely $ 10.

When is the referral reward accrued?

The referral reward will be accrued once a contribution is accepted. Usually, from submission of application on joining the ten and reservation of amount on the account until acceptance of contribution for work a certain period of time required for reaching the necessary number of applications on joining this kind of ten should pass. Thereupon the referral reward is accrued to the partner and will be available for instant withdrawal according to general withdrawal rules.
To get the reward the partner does not have to replenish their account every time. The reward will be credited from any contribution made from the project balance (reinvest). Besides, the referral reward is credited for purchase of accelerators. Accrual happens immediately after purchase of accelerator of any type by the partner and transfer from one kind of accelerator to another one.

How can I increase the size of the affiliate reward?

Exclusively by increasing the number of the invited new project users.

Can I get exclusive offers on the affiliate reward? Under what conditions?

No. We are a public company and all the investment conditions provided by our organization are published here, on our corporate resource.

10. General issues.

How can I get information on project work changes?

All the information on changes in project work is published on official site of the project, in news section and is mailed to members' emails specified at registration. You should simply visit the official site of the company on a regular basis and check your inbox.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Press the corresponding link in the registration form and a new password will be sent to your email. You can change the received password in your user account.


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